Our goal is to provide your family member with access to high quality healthcare and healthcare professionals on an extended hour basis. We recognize that your physician or nurse practitioner is sometimes not available at the nursing home to evaluate and treat your family member when there is a change in their usual state of health.

What is Telemedicine?

Benefits of Telemedicine for residents may include:

The “Telly” Cart contains:

  • Cameras – a stationary camera and a portable camera that allow the CRNP to see the resident in “real time”

  • Speaker/microphone – allows the resident to speak to and hear the CRNP”

  • Stethoscope – a bluetooth instrument used to check the resident’s heart, lung, and abdominal sounds by transmitting sounds that both the bedside nurse and the remote CRNP hear”

  • EKG – allows the CRNP to check for changes in the resident’s heart rate and rhythm”

  • Otoscope – a type of camera that allows the CRNP to see into the resident’s ears, nose,or mouth