Educational Leave Behind Toolkit

RAVEN was a program through UPMC Senior Services and the University of Pittsburgh funded by CMS to implement evidence-based, innovative clinical supports and enhanced payment models for nursing facility residents throughout Pennsylvania from 2012-2020.

The intent of the program was to utilize Enhanced Care Staff, enhanced medication management, telemedicine, education and incentives to improve quality of care and reduce avoidable hospitalizations which can be costly to the resident and the healthcare system.

RAVEN – Phase 1 implemented clinical interventions at 18 long-term care facilities with the goal of reducing avoidable hospitalizations among nursing home residents.

For RAVEN – Phase 2, the target population of this initiative remained the same: long-stay nursing facility residents. Through a new payment model which focused on 6 diagnoses (COPD, CHF, dehydration, skin ulcers, pneumonia, and UTI) we sought to improve the care of skilled nursing residents by:

Clinical Leave Behind

Education Leave Behind Developed by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF)

Pharmacy Leave Behind Developed by Rx Partners

Telemedicine Leave Behind Developed by Curavi Health