RAVEN Leadership

Charles F. Reynolds III, MD
RAVEN Project Co-Director

  Dr. Reynolds is a professor of geriatric psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience, and behavioral and community health sciences at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

Dr. Reynolds is internationally renowned in the field of geriatric psychiatry. His primary research interests focus on mood and sleep disorders of later life, with a particular focus on treatment (including mental health services in primary care, the mechanisms of treatment response, preventative interventions and suicide prevention.)

Dr. Reynolds directs the Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research for Late-Life Mood Disorders for the Study of Late-Life Mood Disorders at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, the John A. Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry and three NIMH-funded Research Training Grants.

Dr. Reynolds graduated magna cum laude from the University of Virginia before earning his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine in 1973. He then completed a straight medical internship at the Royal Victoria Hospital and Montreal Neurological Hospital and continued on to post-graduate work in adult and geriatric psychiatry, sleep disorders and clinical electroencephalography at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.

The recipient of a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Research Scientist Award and a MERIT award for Maintenance Therapies in Late-Life Depression, Dr. Reynolds has twice been named one of The Best Doctors in America. Dr. Reynolds chaired the planning committee for the 1991 NIH consensus development conference on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Late-Life and the 2001 NDMDA consensus conference on Unmet Needs in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Late-Life Mood Disorder. In addition to serving on the Institute of Medicine Study of the Pathophysiology and Prevention of Adolescent and Adult Suicide, Dr. Reynolds has served as chairman and member of several research review committees at the NIMH. He is currently a member of the National Advisory Mental Health Council of the NIMH and has served as President of the American College of Psychiatrists and the International College of Geriatric Psychoneuropharmacology.

Dr. Reynolds' bibliography contains over 400 publications in peer-reviewed journals, which he has written over the past 31 years. The associate editor of American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Dr. Reynolds has also served on the editorial board of several nueropsychiatric, gerontology and sleep journals including the American Journal of Psychiatry and Neuropsychopharmacology.


April L. Kane, MSW, LSW

April Kane   As the Project Co-Director for RAVEN April Kane provides leadership and oversight for the Initiative. She is responsible for project implementation, on-going operations, and transition/sustainability plans. She also promotes engagement of the RAVEN operating partners, nursing facility partners, CMS, clinical and program staff. Prior to coming to UPMC, some of her experience includes project management and coordinator positions for the University of
Pittsburgh at the Alzheimer Disease Research Center, University Center for Social and Urban Research, and the Stroke Institute. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work form the University of Pittsburgh. Her primary interests are in the areas of caregiving, Alzheimer’s disease, and providing quality care to our geriatric population.


Steven Handler, MD, PhD, CMD

Steven Handler   Steven Handler, MD, PhD, CMD is an Associate Professor with a primary appointment in the Division of Geriatric Medicine where he is the Director for Geriatric Telemedicine Programs. He has secondary appointments in the Department of Biomedical Informatics, and Clinical and Translational Research. Dr. Handler also serves as the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for UPMC Community and Provider Services Division and as the Co-Director and Medical Director for Telemedicine and Health Information for the
RAVEN (Reduce AVoidable hospitalization using Evidence-based interventions for Nursing facilities in Western Pennsylvania) CMS Innovation Award.

Dr. Handler completed his medical school training at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, residency at Tufts University and Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a practicing geriatrician with direct patient care responsibilities in the nursing home and hospital settings. His primary research area focuses on medication and patient safety primarily in the nursing home setting. For the past decade, Dr. Handler’s research has been at the intersection of biomedical informatics and geriatrics utilizing an active medication monitoring system to detect and manage adverse drug events among older nursing home residents. More recently, he has focused on the application of telemedicine in the long-term and post-acute care settings. Dr. Handler has published over 85 peer-reviewed articles in various geriatrics, nursing, informatics, health services, and patient safety journals over the past decade.